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We have been developing rapidly in filtration and gas-vapor separation industry for nearly ten years.



Our main and advantageous products cover knitted wire meshes (also called gas-vapor separation

mesh), demisters, mist eliminators, structured packings, etc, which are widely used in refineries,

petrochemical and chemical plant, power plant cooling systems, Pharmaceutical factories, wasted gas

processing and desulfurization, etc. We have our own processing plants, each of the product up to

hundreds of equipment.These years over one thousand of customers from both home and abroad

witness the great success of Valor brand products. Meanwhile our full process service is highly

praised and recommended.

First thing comes first! In Hualai, we are always doing our best to provide high Quality products, which help us win good Reputation from both home and abroad. More and more customers become our business partners and start well-lasting cooperation.
We believe in the power of knowledge and thinking. Based on our valuable experiences, we have been keeping Innovation and providing more suitable solutions. Every effort we take to gain Development and grow together with our customers.

◆ Knitted wire mesh/Gas liquid filter mesh;
◆ Wire mesh demsiter/demister pad;
◆ Vane mist eliminator/chevron demister;
◆ Metal structured packing;
◆ Random packing;
◆ Tower internals;


Survive by quality, develop by credit

China most professional manufacturer for petrochemical industry

Separation of gas in the mist to improve operating conditions, optimize process targets, reduce equipment corrosion, extend equipment life, increase throughput and recovery of valuable materials, environmental protection, reduce air pollution.
The Sheet Metal type structured packing. Instead of using the expensive wire gauze materials, surface textured sheet metal was used to create a whole family of corrugated packing with a wide range of corrugation sizes and angles Anping Hualai Metal Wire Mesh of sheet metal packing can handle a much wider range of vapor and liquid rates and process services.
Drift eliminators are mainly used for flue gas desulfurization also known as: desulfurization demisters. Drift eliminator has the advantages of simple structure

PP Vane Mist Eliminator With SS Bracket for Thailand Customer

3BA/6BE/3BA SS+Fiber Co-knit mesh demsiter for America customer

SAF2205 demsiter pad for Australia customer

In the future, as well as providing qualified products and thoughtful service, we will enrich our

product catalog in thescope of filtration industry to 

better fulfill our customers’ requirement. Valor, Your Wise Choice!

Anping hualai Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Anping hualai Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
In the future, as well as providing qualified products and thoughtful service, we will enrich our product catalog in thescope of filtration industry to better fulfill our customers’





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